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Türkçe kelime anlamı Kim olan Whoever kelimesinin kullanıldığı toplam 80 adet cümle bulundu. Whoever ile ilgili cümleleri ve bu örnek cümlelerin türkçe anlamlarını altında bulabilirsiniz.

Whoever kelimesiyle ilgili örnek Cümleler

You may bring whoever you like.
İstediğini getirebilirsin.

I'll take whoever wants to go.
İsteyen herkesi götüreceğim.

Whoever wants it may take it.
İsteyen onu alabilir.

She will give her picture to whoever wants it.
İsteyene resmini verecek.

Whoever says so is a liar.
Öyle söyleyen yalancıdır.

Whoever told you such a ridiculous story?
Böylesine saçma bir hikayeyi sana kim anlattı?

Give this ticket to whoever comes first.
Bu bileti ilk gelene ver.

You may give this ticket to whoever wants it.
Bu bileti onu isteyene verebilirsin.

I'll give this apple to whoever wants it.
Bu elmayı isteyene vereceğim.

I'll give this book to whoever wants it.
Bu kitabı kim isterse ona vereceğim.

Give this book to whoever wants it.
Bu kitabı onu isteyene ver.

Whoever Kelimesi İle İlgili Diğer Cümleleri Göster

Diğer adet ingilizce örnek cümlerleri görmek için üstte bulunan linke tıklayınız.

I'll give these kittens to whoever likes cats.
Bu manıkları kedileri sevenlere vereceğim.

You may give this picture to whoever wants it.
Bu resmi isteyen herkese verebilirsin.

Whoever told you that is a liar.
Bunu sana kim söylediyse yalancıdır.

Whoever did this was smart.
Bunu yapan her kimse akıllıymış.

I hope the police catch whoever did this.
Bunu yapanı polisin yakalayacağını umuyorum.

Whoever gets home first starts cooking the supper.
Eve ilk varan akşam yemeğini pişirmeye başlar.

Whoever wants to come will be welcomed.
Gelmek isteyen herkes karşılanacak.

Whoever wants to come to my party may come.
Gelmek isteyen herkes partime gelebilir.

You may invite whoever wants to come.
Gelmek isteyen herkesi davet edebilirsin.

I'll invite whoever wants to come.
Gelmek isteyen herkesi davet edeceğim.

You may bring whoever wants to come.
Gelmek isteyen herkesi getirebilirsin.

Whoever comes will be welcome.
Her gelen karşılanacaktır.

Whoever comes will be welcomed.
Her gelen sıcak karşılanacak.

Whoever finds the bag must bring it here.
Her kim çantayı bulursa onu buraya getirmelidir.

Whoever goes to church believes in God.
Kiliseye giden kimse Tanrı'ya inanır.

Whoever said so, it is false.
Kim öyle dediyse yanlış.

Whoever calls, tell him I'm out.
Kim ararsa arasın, ona dışarıda olduğumu söyle.

Whoever comes, say I am away from home.
Kim gelirse gelsin, evden uzakta olduğumu söyle.

Whoever comes, I won't let him in.
Kim gelirse gelsin, içeri girdirmeyeceğim.

Whoever comes, tell him I'm out.
Kim gelirse gelsin, ona dışarıda olduğumu söyle.

Invite whoever you like.
Kimi istersen davet et.

You may give the book to whoever wants it.
Kitabı her kim isterse verebilirsin.

Whoever wants the book may have it.
Kitabı isteyen herkes onu alabilir.

Whoever wants to join our club will be welcome.
Kulübümüze katılmak isteyen herkes kabul edilecek.

We will elect whoever we believe is worthy.
Layık olduğunu düşündüğümüz kimseyi seçeceğiz.

He spoke to whoever came into the room.
Odaya her gelenle konuştu.

I will give these tickets to whoever wants them.
Onları isteyen herkese bu biletleri vereceğim.

Give it to whoever wants it.
Onu her kim isterse ona ver.

Give it to whoever needs it.
Onu ihtiyacı olana ver.

His parents helped whoever asked for their help.
Onun ebeveynleri yardımlarını isteyen herkese yardım etti.

I'll hire whoever he recommends.
Onun tavsiye ettiği kişiyi işe alacağım.

Whoever wants to marry her must first convince her father.
Onunla evlenmek isteyen öncelikle onun babasını ikna etmelidir.

Whoever opposes my plan, I will carry it out.
Planıma kim karşı çıkarsa çıksın, onu uygulayacağım.

Sam helps whoever asks him to.
Sam yardım isteyen herkese yardım eder.

Whoever causes trouble will be the victim of the trouble.
Soruna sebep olan sorunun kurbanı olacaktır.

And whoever thinks otherwise gets a chance to think about it for twelve years in the open air of the Siberian woods.

As we don't use these things, we give them to whoever needs them.

But whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's only son.

But whoever lives by the truth come into the right.

Butter, bread and green cheese; whoever can't say that is not an upright Frisian.

Don't answer the door, whoever it is.

First come, first serve, was the word, and the first hundred customers got a certificate; whoever came later was shit out of luck.

Good manners is the art of making those people easy with whom we converse. Whoever makes the fewest persons uneasy is the best bred in the company.

He got angry with whoever challenged him.

He helps whoever asks him to help.

I think that whoever created the universe, a hole in the sky above him, too, had no idea what is the "universe".

I want to speak to whoever is in charge here.

I will be happy to assist whoever needs help.

I will give this book to whoever wants it.

I'd like to speak with whoever is in charge here.

I'll give R$ 50.00 to whoever succeeds in balancing this ball on the head.

I'll give these puppies to whoever likes dogs.

If death occurs at home, whoever discovers the body should contact the family doctor.

My girlfriend often says "Whoever eats enough, has already eaten too much."

Right and wrong are two faces of the same coin. Whoever has the power decides which face gets what inscription.

She'll give her photo to whoever wants it.

Tell whoever comes that I'm out.

That whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

The dog will bite whoever's last.

The princess was of so thoughtful and moody a turn of mind that no one could make her laugh; and the king had made known to all the world, that whoever could make her laugh should have her for his wife.

The tourist information center gave a city map to whoever asked it.

The world follows one golden rule: whoever has the gold makes the rules.

The world is a sacred vessel that cannot be acted on. Whoever acts on it will ruin it; whoever holds on to it will lose it.

Today, our teacher told us whoever smokes will never grow up. In order to prove it, she shot a seventh-grader named Petya.

Tom will help whoever asks him to help.

We rarely hear, it has been said, of the combinations of masters, though frequently of those of the workman. But whoever imagines, upon this account, that masters rarely combine, is as ignorant of the world as of the subject.

We will welcome whoever wants to come to the party.

What's the English for "Ich weiÃ? nicht"? - I don't know. - What the hell, whoever I ask doesn't know!

Whoever admits to his cowardice shows courage.

Whoever believes in him does not get condemned.

Whoever believes in him is not condemned.

Whoever calls now, tell him I'm not in.

Whoever calls, take their number.

Whoever comes first will get the best seats.

Whoever comes is welcome.

Whoever comes to see us is welcome.

Whoever comes to us armed with a sword, is easier to kill with a shot.

Whoever comes will see me.

Whoever comes, don't open the door.

Whoever comes, I'll welcome him warmly.

Whoever committed this crime was surely out of his mind.

Whoever could that be at this time of night?

Whoever did it didn't want us to find out about it.

Whoever doesn't capitalize when the opportunity presents itself will later regret not having used the chance.

Whoever doesn't know a foreign language doesn't know their own.

Whoever doesn't smoke or drink will die healthy.

Whoever doesn't smoke or drink will live until death.

Whoever finds us will take the pearl.

Whoever guesses the number wins.