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Türkçe kelime anlamı Gümüş olan Silver kelimesinin kullanıldığı toplam 80 adet cümle bulundu. Silver ile ilgili cümleleri ve bu örnek cümlelerin türkçe anlamlarını altında bulabilirsiniz.

Silver kelimesiyle ilgili örnek Cümleler

Gold is heavier than silver.
Altın gümüşten daha ağırdır.

Freedom weighs more than silver and gold.
Özgürlük gümüş ve altından daha değerlidir.

Copper and silver are both metals.
Bakır ve gümüş her ikisi de metaldir.

Wisdom is better than gold or silver.
Bilgelik altın ya da gümüşten daha iyidir.

I have several silver coins.
Birkaç gümüş param var.

This isn't silver.
Bu gümüş değil.

Donna was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
Donna varlıklı bir ailede doğdu.

My brother polished the silver.
Erkek kardeşim gümüşü parlattı.

The silver balls are around the red ball.
Gümüş toplar kırmızı topun etrafında.

I prefer silver rings to gold ones.
Gümüş yüzükleri altın olanlara tercih ederim.

Can you tell silver and tin apart?
Gümüşü kalaydan ayırabilir misin?

Silver Kelimesi İle İlgili Diğer Cümleleri Göster

Diğer adet ingilizce örnek cümlerleri görmek için üstte bulunan linke tıklayınız.

Every cloud has a silver lining.
Her gecenin bir sabahı vardır.

Every cloud has a silver lining.
Her işte bir hayır vardır.

Can you distinguish silver from tin?
Kalayı gümüşten ayırt edebilir misin?

Speech is silver, but silence is golden.
Konuşma gümüştür ama susma altındır.

Nickel is a hard, silver-white metal.
Nikel, sert, gümüş beyazı bir metaldır.

He won a silver medal.
O gümüş bir madalya kazandı.

She won a silver medal.
O gümüş madalya kazandı.

They wanted to deal in gold and silver.
Onlar altın ve gümüş ticareti yapmak istiyordu.

They won the silver medal.
Onlar gümüş madalya kazandı.

Speech is silver, silence is golden.
Söz gümüşse, sükut altındır.

As the saying goes: Speech is silver, silence is gold.

At his side, he carried an ivory and silver sword.

Do you know the difference between silver and tin?

Dwarves called Mithril 'the true silver.'

Finishing second in the Olympics gets you silver. Finishing second in politics gets you oblivion.

Formerly, a book was worth its weight in silver, if not in gold.

He gave him a lump of silver as big as his head.

He had heard wonderful stories about cities of gold with silver trees.

He has a silver medal for his actions.

Here and there water shone like silver, and beyond, the land rose into blue undulating hills, and so faded into the serenity of the sky.

His hair has turned silver.

How are the silver foxes feeling?

How many silver foxes do you have?

I am wearing my silver jewelry.

I buy my silver from a man who has a mine on his property.

I buy silver from a man who owns a mine.

I collect silver tea spoons.

I don't want your gold or your silver.

I have a collection of silver tea spoons from all over the world.

I've heard that you can kill werewolves by shooting them with silver bullets.

In Olympic competitions, a gold medal is for first place, a silver medal for second, and a bronze medal is for third place.

In Shogi, silver generals, lances, knights, and pawns all promote to gold generals.

Is this sterling silver?

Let's shackle your feet with silver fetters.

Many have said of Alchemy, that it is for the making of gold and silver. For me such is not the aim, but to consider only what virtue and power may lie in medicines.

Mary is wearing a silver ring.

Mary wore a silver pin on her coat.

Nay, since you will not love, would I were growing A happy daisy, in the garden path That so your silver foot might press me going, Might press me going even unto death.

Nickel is a hard, bright silver metal.

Nickel is a hard, bright-silver metal.

Once gold was less valuable than silver in Japan.

She couldn't be sold for gold or silver, so she just stayed there and watched.

She gave him all of her silver.

She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Silver is sometimes more valuable than gold, that is, in large quantities.

So it seems that cloud of odorless deadly gas had a silver lining after all.

Speech is silver, silence is gold.

That ornate silver platter is my favorite!

The coin is silver.

The moon turns the roofs in the village to silver.

The queen was wearing a magnificent silver dress.

The silver is on the table.

The young girl wanted to be a star of the silver screen.

There is a silver lining to every dark cloud!

There was once a merchant, so rich that he might have paved the whole street where he lived and an alley besides with pieces of silver.

Therefore, each individual human being is worth more than all the gold, silver, precious stones, cattle, stocks, bonds or oil in the universe.

This is a silver coin.

To be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth.

Tom gave Mary a key on a silver chain.

Tom was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Tom's hair is all silver.

Two Canadian sisters, Chloe Dufour-Lapointe and Justine Dufour-Lapointe won the gold and silver in the women's freestyle skiing moguls.

Well, every cloud has a silver lining.

When the full moon, gleaming silver, rises over the horizon, it seems significantly larger than when it has progressed farther on its nightly path, standing high in the heavens. Amazingly, this is an optical illusion.

Which weighs less, a kilogram of gold or a kilogram of silver?

Grief has silvered her hair.

It looks like we have no clean silverware.
Temiz gümüş sofra takımımız yok gibi görünüyordu.

If you don't keep the silverware polished, it'll lose its luster.

The correct setting for silverware is the fork on the left side of the plate and on the right side the knife then the spoon.

The dishes and silverware are Japanese-styled but the food is French-style cooking at this restaurant.

This silverware set has been in my family for generations.

Actinium is a silvery metal.

He had a lot of straight, silvery hair.