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Türkçe kelime anlamı Nötr olan Neutral kelimesinin kullanıldığı toplam 45 adet cümle bulundu. Neutral ile ilgili cümleleri ve bu örnek cümlelerin türkçe anlamlarını altında bulabilirsiniz.

Neutral kelimesiyle ilgili örnek Cümleler

Switzerland is a neutral country.
İsviçre tarafsız bir ülkedir.

In the development of Lojban, efforts were consistently made since the initial phase to keep the language culturally neutral.
Lojban'ın geliştirilmesinde, dili ilk aşamasından beri tarafsız tutmak için çabalar tutarlı olarak yapılmıştır.

That country remained neutral throughout World War II.
O ülke II.Dünya Savaşı boyunca tarafsız kaldı.

Taylor tried to be neutral.
Taylor tarafsız olmaya çalıştı.

Tom is neutral.
Tom tarafsız.

A neutral country is a country that doesn't sell weapons to a warring country, unless you pay cash.

A neutral country was asked to help settle the dispute.

A neutral work is the work of a coward.

A schwa represents a neutral vowel.

Brothers Grimmâ??s Little Red Riding Hood has a neutral gender, while Charles Perraultâ??s has a masculine one.

Determine the message about the company is positive, negative or ineffective (neutral) and mark it.

Neutral Kelimesi İle İlgili Diğer Cümleleri Göster

Diğer adet ingilizce örnek cümlerleri görmek için üstte bulunan linke tıklayınız.

Esperanto is the most simple and neutral international language for the peoples in the world.

For the consumers of media information, it is important to remember that political news is rarely, if ever, neutral because the content of media publications is almost always biased in some way at the discretion of publisher.

German has a gender system, every noun has a gender: male, female, or neutral.

He was a neutral participant at the discussion.

I'm neutral.

If one were to use the pronoun "one" it would go a long way towards relieving the inconvenience of not having a gender-neutral pronoun in English.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

If you are not sure or the status is uncertain mark neutral.

In August 2014 the Swedish Building Workers' Union decided that the gender-neutral pronoun "hen" ("he or she, or neither he nor she") should be used instead of "han" ("he") in forthcoming versions of its by-laws.

In German, "Mädchen" actually takes a neutral article, like most nouns that end in "-chen".

In Sweden a gender-neutral pronoun was introduced to make the distinction between male and female grammatically unnecessary.

It doesn't belong to one people or country, so it works as a neutral language.

One cannot remain neutral between those who destroy the law and those who obey it. Neutrality means not dispassion but impartiality, and one cannot remain impartial between right and wrong.

The equal rights and survival of languages can be assured only if the European Union accepts a neutral, easy-to-learn bridge language for interethnic communication, introducing it step by step.

The Japanese government takes a neutral attitude on the matter.

The kernel of the morphism of groups always contains the neutral element.

The letter "Ã?" is one of the few things Switzerland is not neutral about.

The senator remained neutral in the furious controversy.

The speaker's attitude towards cryogenics is neutral.

The Swiss were neutral in the war.

The translator was considered as a "neutral filter".

This company plans to become carbon neutral within five years.

Tom wanted to switch her gender with Mary's, but Mary wanted hirs to remain neutral.

Usage 1. think yourself as the owner of the company mentioned. 2. determine the message about the company is positive, negative or ineffective (neutral) and mark. 3. if you are not sure or the status is uncertain mark neutral.

We chose Father as a neutral judge of our disputes.

When investigating the pH (acidic, neutral, alkaline) of a liquid, don't soak the litmus paper completely in the liquid but just put the end of the paper in it.

Wouldn't it be great if a gender-neutral pronoun for "he" or "she" existed in English?

You can accelerate as much as you want, but since the car's in neutral, we won't be going anywhere.

Acid soil is neutralised by ash.

An important principle of the Internet is the network neutrality.

Fuck neutrality!

The alternative possibilities are neutrality or war.

Alkalis neutralize acids.

Make sure every hostile has been neutralized.