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Hound kelimesinin kullanıldığı toplam 14 adet cümle bulundu. Hound ile ilgili cümleleri ve bu örnek cümlelerin türkçe anlamlarını altında bulabilirsiniz.

Hound kelimesiyle ilgili örnek Cümleler

Spring over the ground like a hunting hound.

The hound was in full chase of the bear.

He was hounded into quitting.

I went to a sale with my mother yesterday and kept hounding her to buy me a dress.
Dün, annemle birlikte indirimli satışa gittim ve bana bir elbise alması için onu kışkırtmayı sürdürdüm.

Why is Tom hounding me?
Tom neden beni izliyor?

The press has been hounding the president nonstop about reneging on his promise not to raise taxes.

Basset hounds are gentle dogs.
Basset tazıları kibar köpeklerdir.

He runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds.
Tavşana kaç, tazıya tut diyen bir kişidir o.

A base service performed for a person of very high degree may become a very honorific office; as for instance the office of a Maid of Honor or of a Lady in Waiting to the Queen, or the King's Master of the Horse or his Keeper of the Hounds.

But otter hunting is no "mug's game." Let it be known that it requires more than a few couple of hounds and a brace or so of terriers to kill an otter.

Hounds hunt by their keen scent.

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The hounds are in pursuit of the fox.

The hounds flushed the fox out of its hiding place.

They ran into the garden to save themselves from those blood-thirsty hounds.