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Türkçe kelime anlamı Ilgili olan Dealing kelimesinin kullanıldığı toplam 80 adet cümle bulundu. Dealing ile ilgili cümleleri ve bu örnek cümlelerin türkçe anlamlarını altında bulabilirsiniz.

Dealing kelimesiyle ilgili örnek Cümleler

"Do you not like Tom?" "It's not that I don't like him, I just have trouble dealing with people like him."
"Tom'u sevmiyor musun?" "Onu sevmiyorum değil, sadece onun gibi insanlarla ilgi kurmada sorunum var."

He is good at dealing with children.
Çocuklarla ilgilenmede iyidir.

I don't feel like dealing with Tom right now.
Şimdi canım Tom'la ilgilenmek istemiyor.

I'm dealing with the problem now.
Şu anda bir sorunla ilgileniyorum.

A lot of people are dealing with allergies now.
Birçok insan artık allerjilerin üstesinden geliyorlar.

A lot of people are dealing with hay fever now.
Birçok insan artık saman nezlesinin üstesinden geliyorlar.

There is an urgent need for a new approach to dealing with this problem.
Bu sorunla ilgili yeni bir yaklaşıma acil bir ihtiyaç vardır.

I spent a great deal of time dealing with that problem last week.
Geçen hafta o sorunla ilgilenerek epeyce zaman harcadım.

You'll have to come back in a while: the man dealing with that business has just gone out.
Kısa bir süre içinde tekrar gelmek zorunda kalacaksın: o işle ilgilenen adam az önce dışarı çıktı.

I know who we're dealing with.
Kimle ilgilendiğimizi biliyorum.

I know what I'm dealing with.
Ne ile ilgilendiğimi biliyorum.

Dealing Kelimesi İle İlgili Diğer Cümleleri Göster

Diğer adet ingilizce örnek cümlerleri görmek için üstte bulunan linke tıklayınız.

We're dealing with it.
Onunla ilgileniyoruz.

Water law is the field of law dealing with the ownership, control, and use of water as a resource.
Su yasası bir kaynak olarak suya sahip olma, kontrolü ve kullanımı ile ilgili hukuk alanıdır.

The soul of commerce is upright dealing.
Ticaretin ruhu dürüst iş yapmaktır.

Tom is having trouble dealing with the pain.
Tom ağrısıyla ilgilenirken sorun yaşıyor.

Tom is dealing drugs.
Tom ilaçları dağıtıyor.

Tom is still dealing with that problem.
Tom o sorunla hâlâ ilgileniyor.

Tom is having trouble dealing with his son's suicide.
Tom oğlunun intiharı ile başa çıkmada sorun yaşıyor.

I had some problems dealing with Tom.
Tom'la ilgili bazı sorunlarım vardı.

Tom has trouble dealing with this kind of situation.
Tom'un bu tür durumla başetme sorunu var.

Tom has trouble dealing with people like Mary.
Tom'un Mary gibi insanlarla başetme sorunu var.

Tom had some problems dealing with Mary.
Tom'un Mary ile ilgili bazı sorunları vardı.

Tom didn't have enough experience in dealing with that kind of problem.
Tom'un o tür bir sorunla ilgilenmek için yeterli deneyimi yoktu.

Tom has trouble dealing with verbal abuse.
Tom'un sözlü tacizle başı belada.

Tom has trouble dealing with stress.
Tom'un stresle başetme sorunu var.

"It's the age of BL!" "bee elu?" "Yup, Boy's Love. Books and such dealing with romance between boys."

"You dislike Tom, don't you?" "It's not that I dislike like him, it's just that I kind of have trouble dealing with people like him."

A favorite tool in dealing with blatant racism is blatant ableism.

Aid agencies find themselves dealing with a potentially huge humanitarian disaster and are struggling to cope with the unprecedented crisis.

Be prompt in dealing with the problem.

Did you know Tom was dealing drugs?

Do you know a good specialty store dealing in herbs?

Effectively dealing with competition is an important part of life.

Farmers have to get used to dealing with the variability of the weather.

He is a primary school teacher, so he is used to dealing with children.

He made his fortune dealing in illegal weapons.

He was so used to that kind of back-room wheeling and dealing that he didn't feel guilty.

He wrote a letter dealing with the matter in all seriousness.

How are you dealing with all the stress?

How are you dealing with it?

How are you dealing?

I figured you'd be dealing with it.

I forgot who I was dealing with.

I hate dealing with children who are picky eaters.

I have a problem dealing with authority.

I realized that I didn't want to spend any more time dealing with that problem.

I think we'd better start dealing with that problem.

I'm capable of dealing with problems like this myself.

I'm dealing with it.

I'm not used to dealing with people like Tom.

I'm still dealing with that problem.

I'm tired of dealing with this mess.

I'm tired of dealing with this problem.

I'm tired of dealing with you.

I've had some problems dealing with Tom.

It is clear that the Americans can't even solve their own problems, so how can they possibly think themselves capable of dealing with the rest of the world's problems?

It's easier dealing with other people's problems than with your own.

It's much easier dealing with animals than humans sometimes, well, most of the time, actually.

It's the prevention of migraines during daily life that's important, not dealing with migraines when they occur.

Japanese speakers of English often have difficulty in dealing with informal conversation, such as at parties or in small informal groups.

Let's see what we're dealing with.

My father used to own a store dealing in meat and fish.

My luck and my income much depends on my art of dealing with people.

Needless to say, dealing in rice is a declining industry.

Next week, I'll be out of office attending a meeting about dealing with difficult clients.

Psycho-horror films dealing with the mysteries of human psychology are popular these days.

Russell's books should be bound in two colours, those dealing with mathematical logic in red â?? and all students of philosophy should read them; those dealing with ethics and politics in blue â?? and no one should be allowed to read them.

She is dealing out two apples to each child.

Thank you for dealing with this problem on time.

That boy was so clever that he was helpful to the merchant in dealing.

The document clearly spells out the correct procedure for dealing with complaints.

The firm has built up a wide reputation for fair dealing.

The Japanese are most polite when dealing with friends.

The only trouble I've ever had was dealing with people who didn't like my personality.

These workmen, whom the government pays for, are dealing with death in coal mines.

Tom cut the cards and started dealing.

Tom had problems dealing with Mary.

Tom has problems dealing with Mary.

Tom is dealing with the problem now.

Tom is good at dealing with children.

Tom is having trouble dealing with the fact that his father was a mass murderer.

Tom is tired of dealing with Mary.

Tom is used to dealing with this kind of problem.

Tom isn't dealing with his father's death very well.

Tom's courage in dealing with adversity is an inspiration to those around him.

We shouldn't have to be dealing with this problem now.

We were dealing with very complicated issues.

We're not yet sure what we're dealing with.

What you are you dealing with?

Who do you think we're dealing with?

Why are we dealing with Tom?

You must not lack decorum dealing with your benefactors.

You should not lose your patience when dealing with kids.

Darkness favors secret dealings.

Did Tom ever have any dealings with Mary?

Have you had dealings with men?

He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.

I keep a daily record of my business dealings.

The minister was in a fix over illegal dealings.

This company has many business dealings abroad.